Why I can’t afford Skopje (Macedonia)

Why I can’t afford Skopje (Macedonia) on August 8th, 2017 – What is happening?

Last summer I travelled to Macedonia. I love to travel in the Balkan area. Because the people are friendly, the food is very nice, the weather is great in the summer and the Balkan countries (except Croatia) are not overloaded with tourist. The first time I travelled to the Balkan was in May 2015. I travelled with my boyfriend along the coast of Croatia and visit Dubrovnik, Spit, Zadar, Sibenik and Pula Also we done a day-trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In 2016 I travelled again through the Balkan. This time I travelled alone from from Poland to Hungary and after a short break I took the train to Serbia. I stayed for 4 days in Belgrade and from their I travelled to Montenegro by train. If you looking for one of the most beautiful train trips in Europe for cheap price (22,50 euro, 12 hours) I highly recommend you this trip. After visiting Montenegro last summer I continued my travel to Albania and Macedonia.

Today I was reading the news about the Balkan in English on the Balkan Insight website and I came across an article that next August that the hotel price in Skopje increase 15x. I couldn’t believe it. I paid in that city just 75 euro a night for a 4 star hotel (IBIS Skopje city centre). The hotel was just 2 minutes walk from all the main attractions and the city centre. The breakfast was fantastic and I had a great time their. The hotel had also a bar with some snacks and bar food but I recommend to go to the city. Because just around the corner you find many great restaurants with the Macedonia cuisine. The gastronomy in Macedonia is one of the best of the Balkan. The people spent just a bit more on their food and wine choices than in other Balkan countries. Specially I recommend you to try all the Macedonia wines during your stay in Macedonia. I try a few but I regret I didn’t try them all.

Anyway, I was checking for friends the options to travel to Skopje this summer and I came across the article. And I was shocked. The price in second week of August was increase by at least 15x. I believe even more because looking at Booking.com myself it looks like prices increase by 25x for 3 nights.



For the prices above you can rent an apartment in Skopje for the full year and 3 nights in that hotel is more than a year salary in the Balkan.

What is really happening?


My boyfriend is a lot into football and I am sure we are going to watch the match on TV. But this city increase their prices 25x times because of the UEFA Super Cup between Real Madrid and Manchester United. And they are already booked full almost. I couldn’t believe it.


Macedonia’s first UEFA club competition final will take place in August 8 at Skopje Filip II Arena whose capacity exceeds 33.000 seats. But hopefully the capital also have enough beds for those people.

What to do now?

Because most of the hotels are booked full for that weekend, go their this summer any other weekend. You can go very cheap with Wizz Air but also other airlines and buses and trains have a good connection to Skopje.  I remember I received some good tips about hotels in the city centre. Check out the following hotels.





Anyway. If you ever decide to visit Macedonia. Maybe stay away in the second week of August but know that September has also very good weather. I already wrote a few articles about it in Dutch. Check out my Dutch blog. Or check out Macedonie Vandaag. I translate the articles for Macedonie Vandaag and the information is coming directly from somebody in Macedonia. Both sites are in Dutch but under this link translated in English by Google

Thank you for reading this article. Please post below your experience and Macedonia.




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  1. This explains a lot about Macedonia 🇲🇰.. and this tempts us to go there .. great job ! Need more blogs like this . Cheers !

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