Stockholm Culture festival

I am writing about this in advance because I want to introduce you to the cultural festival in Stockholm that has been celebrated every year since 2006 in downtown Stockholm. It is becoming increasingly popular with tourists who come especially for the festival but the locals find it just as much fun. In 2010 there were about 300,000 tourists and that number has steadily in the past few years.


The festival is always held in August. In recent years, it was on the following dates.

  • 2016 = August 16 to August 21
  • 2015 = August 11 to August 16
  • 2014 = August 12 to August 17
  • 2013 = August 13 to August 17
  • 2010 = August 10 to August 15

So we can assume that even in 2017 it will be held within a similar time frame.  This is also for many Swedish children the last day of summer vacation because they return to school the following Monday.


With 500 to 600 acts, the festival up to 99% free. It is the festival with music, theater and dance.

For whom?

The festival is for the whole family. Young and old can enjoy themselves with a broad range of entertainment taking place throughout the day and late into the night.

Music, dance, theater, art and culture.

There is jazz, world music, opera, classical music, pop, rock, soul, stand up comedy, artists, dance classes, actors, street performance. Circuses have also been seen in recent years alongside, concerts, dance shows, literature, exhibitions and various options to participate in workshops,

International appearance.

Every year a different country is highlighted. In 2016, this was France and the French culture. The year before in 2015, Britain was in the spotlighted and in 2014 it was the Catalan culture that has received attention during the festival. In 2014 there were appearances from Txarango, Che Sudaka and Manu Chao. In 2016 was also an example of Ivorian music present to give a more international flavor.

What else?

There is, for example, the world’s biggest book stand where there are 600 tables in a row layered with all kinds of books near to Drottninggat. You can take walking tours or you see a wide selection of movies.Of course there are many bars with concerts and other musical performances.


It can annually use a little different but normally they have the following locations:

  • Sergels torg (Sergel’s Square
  • Gustav Adolfs Torg (Gustav Adolf’s Square, the main venue of the festival
  • Norrbro (between the Royal Palace and the Royal Opera)
  • Skeppsbron (on the site of the Royal Palace)

The Youth Festival

This festival is part of the Stockholm Culture Festival. It is of course free but always stops one day earlier on Saturday. The age range for this part of the festival is 13 to 19 years and focuses on skateboarding, dancing and an obstacle course to entertain teenagers.

My experience

I was there a few years ago and I would love to return. Perhaps in 2017. Otherwise, I hope that you go there for me and let me know how your experience was. Alternatively you can write an article as a guest blogger or send photographs of your trip so that we can share more about this festival with the readers of my blog.

Social media

It is best to follow social media about this festival every year since other activities are organized and so you are also aware of the latest changes to the program of that year.

These are the best sites to follow:

Photography and other activities

Of course there is much more to do in Stockholm. The city is a luxury when it comes to photography. It is a city that can entertain you for hours with your camera. Soon I’ll tell you more about the different activities you can undertake in Stockholm.



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