Spa hotels and spa resorts

When I’m on holiday if I can I do enjoy a spa break. In a spa you can enjoy hot tubs, pools, saunas and often you can also enjoy massages, a delicious meal or even high tea. I have no trouble spending an entire day in a Spa resort. I will tell you my experiences on this site and and maybe you will be tempted to try one out yourself.

SPA 1: Thermen Bussloo

Spa Bussloo was my best experience so far. It lies on the edge of the Hoge Veluwe about 1 hour drive from Amsterdam. Unfortunately it is not possible to get here by public transport but it is worthwhile renting a car to get there. There isn’t really much to do in the area but the Spa and hotel might be all you need. It is not necessary in order to book a hotel room. You can also just book a day spa but I heard that the hotel is fantastic and it is also well rated on TripAdvisor.

There is much more than just a hot tub and sauna. There is also a pool where you can swim from inside the building to the outside facilities which include some fantastic whirlpools. Even in winter, the water of the pool is warm so you can enjoy for hours. There is a restaurant where you can eat while still dressed in your bathrobe and this combined with the various saunas this really is the ideal way to unwind. There are also opportunities to take a massage.

It is best to bring your own towels, slippers and bathrobes. You can rent them there but the cost of doing so is somewhat expensive.

Swimwear is not required in this resort, in fact it is mandatory not to wear anything while using the facilities, you can however put your robe on when going from one area to another.

Spa Bussloo


I visited this hotel for 3 days. The rooms are very large and the hotel is in the center of Belgrade. Conveniently positioned on a side street between the city center and the main railway station. The receptionist was very friendly and helpful with getting me where I wanted to go. The rooms were very spacious and had a widescreen TV set with different options. For example you can view the hotel bill on the TV, the menu of the restaurant and an overview of the spa and massage options. They also have a secure safe in the wall where you can create your own pass code. The rooms were so much larger than I normally get. The person who helped me  gave the suitcases that I had a small room, I would like to see the bigger rooms sometime if that was the case. The Spa was located is in the basement of hotel. No pool unfortunately but the jacuzzi and saunas were good all the same. You can also get a massage too but you have to pay extra for it. This hotel / spa is required to wear swimsuits.

I booked this hotel through and I would recommend doing the same. You might get a slightly better price by booking directly with the hotel but this way you can be sure of your terms and conditions. Better for peace of mind. During my trip in the Balkans I had an app through  where I had a complete overview of all my weekly bookings. It  had a list of local attractions and explanations how to get there.

The hotel and spa is well recommended on Tripadvisor.

There is still much more to do in Belgrade, of course and will be writing about that soon enough.


This wellness and spa resort does not have a hotel on site but is an excellent place to have yourself a day of fun in Friesland. The resort is very well equipped with numerous steam rooms, saunas, hot tubs and a pool. If you are feeling especially fancy you can order high tea as well. This can be pre-ordered along with a day ticket for the sauna. Other food is available in the restaurant and it all looked delicious. Also, the pool is fantastic. You can swim from inside to the outside here too and make out of use of the many saunas. There’s even one sauna on hydraulics that goes twenty meters in the air at regular intervals and if you don’t feel lightheaded from the steam you might just from the view.

Like in Spa Bussloo you do not wear swimsuits here.

De Woud Fennen Joure