Photoshoot – The train from Serbia to Montenegro (Balkan)

You can take the train from Belgrade (capital of Serbia) to Bar (Montenegro) twice a day and vice versa of course. You can also travel to and from the capital Podgorica (Montenegro).

This train is a special and spectacular train journey. It is one of the most beautiful trips that you can take in Europe. The affordability of this journey makes it a must if you have the time while you travel through the Balkans. The trip is fine to do when you travel alone. It is wise to take the day train just because it makes keeping an eye on your luggage that much easier.

The track is 476 km long, with 301 km of the railway in Serbia, 175 km in Montenegro and 9 km in Bosnia and Herzegovina although the trains do not stop there. There are 254 tunnels, 435 bridges and the Mala Rijeka viaduct which is 498 meters long and 198 meters above the ground level. Between Kolasin and Podgorica are the you will find the best scenery for taking pictures.

You can get a one way ticket for 22.50 (euro). At the end of the photo session you will find the train times and other information.
















Train from Belgrade (Serbia) to Bar (Montenegro)

  • Belgrade departure: 9:10 & 21:10
  • Bijelo Polje departure: 18:06 & 05:52
  • Podgorica Departure: 20:09 & 07:55
  • Bar Arrival: 21:10 & 9:02

Train Bar (Montenegro) to Belgrade (Serbia)

  • Bar departure: 7:10 & 19:00
  • Podgorica Departure: 8:10 & 20:10
  • Bijelo Polje departure: 10:45 & 22:43
  • Belgrade arrival: 19:13 & 7:06

Advice and tips

  • Tickets cost 22.50
  • It is not necessary to reserve a seat because the train is almost never full
  • It is no problem to travel alone during the day
  • Take food with you because you can only buy food in the cafe which is also the smoking area, not pleasant if you’re a non smoker.
  • Don’t forget to drink your own drinks as well.
  • If you want to buy a beer on the make sure you have some euro or dinar.

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  1. Absolutely. I think I will write more about Montenegro soon. Today a friend of mine posted on my blog about Serbia. It will be great to read it as it connect with this article. I am going to write in the next months about activities in Montenegro maybe too. Mainly because it is getting so popular. I think because Croatia is getting very expensive. Montenegro use already the Euro. And because it not belong to the EU it is something more special. Many American cruises already sale on Montenegro. If you go there make sure you visit Kotor. I will post more about Kotor on my site soon.

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