Day trips by train for less than 10 euros from Dublin

I have lived many years in Ireland. In the capital Dublin to be exact. From Dublin, there are some nice trips you can take with the big yellow tour buses or the Dart (train) for less than 10 euros. The Dart is good for taking short trips outside the city with many departures every hour. With stops in Malahide, Howth, Dun Laoghaire, Dalkey among others with many places to see just a short walk from the stations.

Howth (Howth Dart Station)

Howth is an old fishing village about 15 km outside the city center but within 30 minutes by bus, train or car. It is certainly one of the prettiest villages to visit for an afternoon. You can also easily walk around all day if you want to do the cliff walk around Howth Head and Howth summit. Boat trips are also possible for a different perspective. You can also sail to the islands (Ireland’s Eye and Lambay Island) and you can always go out for dinner by the sea and watch the seals.. Howth is a real fishing village with many restaurants, seafood obviously being readily available but all tastes are catered for. The Oar House, Octopussys Seafood Tapas or King Sitric are prime purveyors of  seafood . In the summer months Howth also has many  small local festivals. Check online for these events, Howth can be very busy when there is a festival one but you’ll find room and will definitely enjoy the atmosphere. Howth is worth a visit at any time though with a wonderful market open every Saturday and Sunday and just two minutes from the train station. Also close by is a fantastic view of Dublin City from the summit. From here you can walk around Howth head and back down to the village.course. Howth Castle provides cooking lessons and other cultural workshops for a less strenuous activity. The castle is a ten minute walk from the train station and the bus stops close to the castle just before Howth harbour. Next to the castle, you also have the transportation museum, the Martello Tower and  the Baily Lighthouse to visit. For wildlife enthusiasts Ireland’s Eye is a bird sanctuary where guillemots, razorbills, fulmars, gulls and cormorants can be seen.

Dun Laoghaire (Dun Laoghaire Dart Station)

Less than 12 km from Dublin is Dun Laoghaire. This village is also on the Dart line (train) and is also accessible by bus within 30 minutes, train or car. The port, one of the largest in the country, is notable for its two piers. The East Pier is especially popular with hikers and was used in 1996 in the film ‘Michael Collins’. It took forty two years to build the port as it is now. At the end of the East-Pier there is a lighthouse. It is also possible to walk on the south side of the pier. Dun Laoghaire has a park (People’s Park) which has a Victorian style with traditional tea houses. Dun Laoghaire has several sailing clubs, rowing clubs and other water sports. It’s definitely worth visiting to check out these events. Shopping can also be done in Dun Laoghaire, on a smaller scale compared to the city center obviously.The shopping on the harbor is right across from the train station.

St Anne’s Park (Harmon Town Dart Station)

The park is one of the largest municipal parks in Dublin and has a rich history in the Guinness family. The same family as the world famous Guinness beer. It is lovely to walk around with family, for couples or if you are enjoying peace and quiet by yourself. There are playgrounds, walking trails and other family activities that are constantly changing. The Red stables, a protected redbrick Victorian stables can also be found in St. Anne’s park with an exhibition space. Olive’s Room can be found within The Red Stables where they serve seasonal Irish produce and selection of home-baked treats.

Dalkey (Dalkey Dart station)

Dalkey is a prosperous suburb of Dublin with a resort, south of Dublin. It was founded as a Viking settlement and became an important port during the Middle Ages. Today, Dalkey is an expensive residential area on the sea with a few tourist attractions such as the castle. Dalkey is also home to several writers and other celebrities, including Emily Jane Herbert, Hugh Leonard, Bono, Van Morrison and Enya. As with other seaside villages, Dalkey has many water sports that are practiced such as rowing, kayaking and the Sea Scouts are also located in Dalkey. The village is well known for its good quality pubs and restaurants. The main street has a 10th century church, two 14th century Norman castles and a heritage center at the famous Dalkey Castle which it is truly worth a visit. There are many historical walks available to book in and around the village. Boat trips to Dalkey Island can also be booked from Dun Laoghaire. Other options in Dalkey are rock climbing, abseiling and paragliding. “Dalkey Island” is home to a colony of seals which has grown significantly in recent years. Furthermore, you can even find wild goats walking around on this island.

Malahide (Malahide Dart Station)

Malahide is a prosperous village on the coast in North Co. Dublin. The village can be reached within 30 minutes by train. Malahide has been expanded with residential areas being a desirable location to take up residence but it is quite expensive to rent or buy there. Near the village you will find Malahide Castle with fantastic gardens and you have the possibility to get an extensive tour of the castle. Personally I think this is one of the most beautiful castles in the area. Malahide also has a beautiful marina where you can walk around and look at the expensive yachts docked there. Malahide is packed with neighborhood associations, chess clubs, photography groups, yacht clubs and other clubs for young and old. The gardens are at the castle well maintained by various local clubs. Furthermore, you also have the opportunity to join the Sea Scouts in Malahide, you can play rugby, tennis, soccer, hockey, cricket and basketball games. Near Malahide are a number of golf courses that enhance the village. For musical tastes, Malahide Pipe Band established in 1954 still has the original style drummers, bagpipes, tenor saxophone, bass drum and a snare drum. The band play locally but also act nationally at various events. Furthermore, If the weather is nice the beach near Malahide Is a great place to lie back and relax. In short, Malahide is the place to spend an afternoon and if you want to live in Ireland I would definitely look into the possibilities there.

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Thanks for reading my blog. Other nice trips from Dublin City  with the Dart (train) are “Bray,” “Blackrock,” “Killiney” and “Ballsbridge. I will soon make a second post to also tell you more about these villages. They are just as much fun and  as interesting as the villages which I have written about today.


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