Bianca that’s me

I am a Dutch woman in my mid-thirties. I love traveling. My first holiday without my family was a school trip to Sweden. I think I was about 15 years old and I had a great time at this high school exchange with Swedish kids. After that I went to many other European cities on my own or with friends.

Meetup and couchsurfing

I do not mind to travel on my own. I can entertain myself when I am traveling  but sometimes I like to have company so I use websites like https://www.meetup.com/ or https://www.couchsurfing.com/ if I travel alone as I like to meetup with people for drinks or dinner. Also often those websites will give you the option to meetup with a locals during the day in the city you are visiting.

Moving aboard

When I was 19 years old I decided it was time to live aboard. I moved for three months to the UK, then a couple of months to Finland and a few years later also Austria. After living a short time in a few countries I moved to Spain permanently and stayed several summers working in hotels and restaurants.


After my Spanish adventure it was time to have big change. I moved to Ireland and now I have been living almost 10 years in Dublin and have visited around 30 countries in the world but my goal is to do at least 50 countries. I only like countries where I have my freedom, where I can go out, enjoy a beer and use social media. Because of that I do not have the goal to visit all the countries in the world as I want to be sure the country is safe and good for females to travel alone.

I also work full-time

I work in software license sales, it might seem very boring but I really enjoy it. I am in contact with customers by phone, by email or through LinkedIn and Twitter. I enjoy getting to know the customers, solving their problems and promoting new products . In my free time I like to write or read about travelling, social media and psychology.

I also study

Because I love marketing, social media and I like to meet up with people from everywhere in the world to get to know their cultures I decided to study psychology and digital marketing.  Maybe next year I will go to do a master in digital media.


Aside from my native language Dutch I also learned English, German and Spanish and those languages always help me a lot when I am traveling.

Meeting new people

It will be great to meet some of you during my travelers and learn about other countries, people and cultures individually. Just leave below a quick message with your name, country, city and social media profile or website. So I know where you are when I am traveling.